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PsyCor Inc. is a Philadelphia based consulting firm committed to Assuring Superior Leadership in our client organizations through a wide range of psychologically based consulting services. For over 25 years we have consistently delivered cost-effective service based on professional research and a thorough knowledge of relevant best practices.

Our Capabilities

Assuring Superior Leadership at all levels in our client organizations requires the full measure of our core competencies. We are experts at eliciting information from people, analyzing how that information relates to critical business issues, and communicating our conclusions in ways that facilitate action.

Assessment is a cornerstone of our technology, whether its purpose is selection, promotion, individual or team development, organizational diagnosis or the effective integration of talent. We have conducted over 1000 individual assessments from key individual contributors to CEOs, and from high-tech start-ups to global enterprises.

We provide effective on-site and virtual coaching for executives and other key players which helps them take their performance beyond what they might achieve on their own.

We help our clients design and implement Performance Management Systems that link personal performance and accountability to business objectives and outcomes. In support of these efforts we deliver effective Leadership & Team Development activities.

We collaborate with our clients in the creation and implementation of Customized Surveys & Research that are designed to provide not only statistically valid information, but more importantly, insight and understanding about what is important to the participants and ultimately the sponsoring organization.

Over these years we have developed an extensive international network of associates.

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